London fashion editorial with unique ombre ruffle gown

April 22, 2023
fashion editorial
There’s something special about a fashion photoshoot in London. The city is a melting pot of cultures, styles, and trends, and it’s the perfect backdrop for capturing the latest fashion looks. But with so many people and so much hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find the right location for a photoshoot. That’s why we decided to take a different approach for our shoot. And we chose to hit London streets during lockdown. This photoshoot is being featured in a magazines and various blogs and social media platform to this day.

Ombre gown by Millia London

stunning model in a vibrant ombre ruffled dressA beautiful woman wears an ombré ruffled dress that cascades in shades of muted greenAn elegant model poses in a flowing ombré dress with ruffled layers

0ur model wearing a stunning muted green ombré maya gown from Millia’s London ICONIC COLLECTION with a sleek low bun and gorgeous Mirella floral shoes by Diane Hassall.
model wears stunning floral bridal shoes with satin bows

Trafalgar Square

Our first location was Trafalgar Square. Despite being one of London’s busiest landmarks, we found a quiet spot to capture some amazing shots of our model. The golden light of the sun made her dress glow even more, and we got some stunning images with Nelson’s Column in the background as well.

Trafalgar Square is a great location for a photoshoot because it’s so versatile. You can capture a range of different looks, from high fashion to street style, against the backdrop of this iconic London landmark.

A fashion model strikes a pose in a bold, multicolored ombré dress with cascading ruffles A fashion model strikes a pose in a bold, multicolored ombré dress with cascading ruffles A stylish model wears a breathtaking ombré dress with voluminous ruffles


Next, we headed to Piccadilly, where we found a quiet corner away from the crowds. The low sun cast a beautiful warm glow from time to time on our model, and we captured some amazing shots of her with famous big screen in the background and with red double decker bus in the distance!
Piccadilly is a great location for a photoshoot because it’s so central. You can capture the energy and excitement of the city in the background, while still finding a quiet spot to work in. It’s the perfect mix of urban and peaceful.
A striking model stands out in a dramatic ombré dress with cascading ruffles in varying shades A chic model rocks a vibrant ombré dress with a playful ruffled hemline A gorgeous model showcases a stunning ombré dress with ruffled layers in green hues

Bank of England

For our final location, we chose the Bank of England. The building provided the perfect backdrop for some dramatic shots, and the lighting was just right to capture our model’s dress in all its glory. We even managed to capture some shots of her on black and white film, which added a dramatic vibe to the photos. The Bank of England is a great location for a photoshoot because it’s so grand and impressive. You can capture the elegance and sophistication of the city against this iconic landmark.
A glamorous model dazzles in an ombré dress with cascading ruffles and a flattering silhouette stunning model posing in front of camera A confident model wears a stunning ombré dress with flowing ruffles and a bold color gradient
confident model on black and white photography model posing for picture on black and white film model posing in front of bank of england
The shoot was a great success. Our model looked stunning in her ombré gown, and those locations really allowed her to shine.
But there’s more to a successful fashion photoshoot than just the location.

Here are some tips for making your next photoshoot a success:

1. Plan ahead: Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before you start shooting. This will help you choose the right location, outfits, and props.

2. Choose the right location: Think about the mood and style you want to capture, and choose a location that will help you achieve that. London has a range of different locations to choose from, so take advantage of the city’s diversity.

3. Use natural light: Natural light is always the best option for a photoshoot. Try to shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon to take advantage of the soft, warm light.
4. Work with a team: A successful photoshoot requires teamwork. Make sure you have a team of professionals on board, including a photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, and assistant.
5. Be open to experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting. The best photos often come from taking risks and trying something new
You can find full gallery from this photoshoot here!
Photos were taken on medium format film using fuji 400h and kodak portra 400 film stock
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Photography @paulinawalshphotography | Model Rohiny Belani
@asweetrohmance | Hair + MUA Chloe Gottlieb-Hunt @chloeghbridal | Dress Millia London | Accessories @Botiasaccessories | Accessories Rachel Sokhal @rachelsokhalbridal | Shoes Diane Hassall @di_hassall | Film lab @imageinfilmlab

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Paulina, I just want to say what an absolutely incredible job you did with photos from that day, it actually made us emotional looking at them!
You are so chic and editorial with your style of photography.
We will treasure these pictures for a lifetime 


"our photo album is so editorial and feels like i was part of a vogue magazine"

Paulina captured our special day with such a grace and class. She is not only a photographer but also lovely friend who is so personable and adds the most gorgeous and beautiful special details you wouldn't even think to add! 


"we are in love with our photos."

Paulina has a lot of experience and shared some advice to help us and importantly she is so lovely.
Stunning photos and I can't recommend her enough! 



I can't recommend this photographer enough.
She is the most talented! The photos from our wedding are stunning and left us speechless.
They look like Vogue session, classy, elegant, wonderful quality.
Thank you Paulina for your wonderful pictures. 

CHLOE & Matthew


Paulina was incredible from start to finish. She is such a bubbly, happy person to get on with. She has such a lovely personality which made her easy to get on with and a perfect fit for our wedding day.
She mad me feel so at ease.